Book Review: Princess Scargo and the Birthday Pumpkin

Princess Scargo loves all living creatures, especially those that live in the water. One day, a neighboring chief sends her an amazing gift, a huge pumpkin decorated with carvings of all the land animals, and filled with a miniature lake stocked with fish. Princess Scargo spends many hours caring for and talking to her new pets.

Not long after, a terrible drought begins to destroy her tribe’s food source, drying up all the ponds and streams. Though the tribe does everything they can to preserve their land, only Princess Scargo and her pets hold the secret that can avert disaster.

This book is an adaptation of a well-known Native American legend. Many versions of the tale can be found, but none as delightfully innocent and childlike as this. Children will exclaim over colorful illustrations, and their imaginations will join Scargo in a culture long forgotten.

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