Stories With Kids

(I’d like to thank my kids for their contributions to this week’s prompted flash fiction. Sometimes the real life conversations are far funnier than any story I can come up with.”

“Hey, kids, y’all wanna give me story ideas? They have to connect to this lighthouse picture.”

“Me, me, me! Let me see the picture! How about the Lighthouse Girl? A girl was travelling, trying to find a magical world that doesn’t exist. Instead she found the lighthouse, and lived in the lighthouse and made friends in the little town.”

“But what does the lighthouse have to do with a magical world? You can’t just throw things together that don’t connect and call them a story.”

“I don’t know.”

“Oh, I have an idea! It has a lot of rooms, and people are fighting inside!”

“Why were they fighting inside?”

“Because it was raining. When the rain stopped they ran down all the stairs to the bottom, but the door was locked and the key was lost! It was a dark house! And there was a little girl running like Sonic to find the lighthouse, but she found the dark house instead, and there was a Shadowman!”

“My turn! There was a town with a lighthouse. The lighthouse had always made people feel safe. One day a woman became the principle of the local school, Lighthouse Public School, but she was really mean. She gradually took over the town and named herself queen, making everyone in the town her miserable slaves. She decided she needed an army to conquer the world, so gathered all the townspeople…”

“What does the lighthouse have to do with all this?”

“She had shut down the lighthouse. When she was about to march and conquer all of Mississippi, the lighthouse suddenly came to light, brighter than ever before. The woman was revealed to be a demon and faded away.”

“Ummm… Once upon a time there was a little girl and a lighthouse. She and her father owned the lighthouse and kept it running until one day it broke down. They tried to fix it but they couldn’t, so her father threw the keys in the trash. The little girl was very sad and did everything in her ppwer to get the lighthouse running again.”

“Did she succeed?”

“Um, it took her a few months but she did succeed. Everyone in the town was very happy. The end.”

“Hmm, something about Christmas.”

“In a lighthouse? On a summer day?!”

“Once upon a time it was Christmas Eve. This little girl and boy and their dad went to cut down a Christmas tree. They found the perfect one and cut it down, and brought it into their house.”

“Hold on, what does this have to do with a lighthouse?”

“The lighthouse is their home. They decorated their tree, but the star was missing. They bought one and it arrived that day.”

“Is that the end?”

“No. Hmm. They opened the box, got a ladder, and put the star on top. Also they built a fire, and beds, blankets, and pillows. And they were comfortable happy ever after. The end.”

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