Book Review: The Green Children

Bud and Blossom are green children and the best of friends. They live in the cool shade of Ballybogey Forest with all the Otherfolk, safe from the prying eyes of people. That is, until one day when a strange new music, the sound of bells, lures the two friends into the open road. Spotted by the scheming Squire Scrum, they soon find themselves trapped, starving, and in mortal danger.

This book is absolutely delightful, a retelling of a twelfth century legend of the creatures of the Green Isle. It is also a tale of friendship, courage, and innocence that holds appeal for all ages. Although they are Otherfolk, Bud and Blossom are typical children whose thoughtless fun leads them into trouble. Their friendship and the love of the rest of the Otherfolk hold the key to their survival.

As a bonus, if you’ve never experienced a story told by a lovable Irish grandfather, you’ll want to listen to the cd included in the back of the book. The lilt of Irish brogue accompanied by the happy skirl of flutes will bring a smile to every face and immerse readers into the world of Ballybogey as it must have been five hundred years ago.

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