Yellow Eyes

This story is brought to you courtesy of my ten year old son, with a few slight changes on my part for clarity. I hope you find it as entertaining as I did.

One night a family of four was driving out in the woods. They heard a howl, and the dad said, “It’s just a few wolves. We’ll be fine.”

While they were driving they heard another howl, closer this time. It was way too loud to be a regular wolf. They heard heavy breathing coming closer, growing louder and louder, followed by the rustling of leaves. Then a man jumped into the road; no, he appeared to be half wolf!

The dad jerked the wheel and they went into the brush. All of a sudden, they heard a scream, unlike anything they had ever heard. The parents turned and saw two yellow eyes above two sets of brown claws clutching the children by their necks. Then the eyes disappeared along with the children.

The truck had crashed into a tree; with no other choice, the parents fled on foot, headed for their home. As soon as they reached the house they placed a frantic call to the police, but unfortunately all officers were tied up. It was the next morning before someone arrived to investigate.

The policeman followed them into the forest. After hours of searching they finally found the children, strung up by their toes in the branches of a tall tree. Each had two welts rising from the backs of their heads, and the fire department had to be called to retrieve them. Emergency medical personnel checked their vitals and they were alive, but barely.

Only later when the children revived did anyone learn what had happened. The yellow eyes belonged to a werewolf. No matter how good-natured a werewolf may be, when he gets hungry he becomes very grumpy. The children led the police to the werewolf’s home. The officers kicked in the door, which had been firmly bolted shut, and found the carpet stained with blood. The last thing they ever saw was a pair of yellow eyes.

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