Book Review: The Christmas Crocodile

A most unusual present shows up under the tree on Christmas Eve and begins to wreak havoc! Presents get eaten, the feast gets stolen, even the decorations are shredded. No one knows what to do! Even Alice Jayne finally locks that croc in the cellar where he can’t destroy anything else.

But no one should be cold and alone on Christmas Eve! First Alice Jayne, then the rest of the family (including Aunt Figgy whose toes were bitten) joins the crocodile in the cellar with their own little piece of Christmas comfort to share. No one realizes the disastrous truth until morning brings a new surprise.

This book is the perfect holiday book for little kids. The funny, silly, and unexpected plot will have kids giggling uncontrollably, and the colorful illustrations will keep them busy while parents handle all the Christmas secrets. That is, if mom and dad aren’t reading and laughing along with them.

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